This page presents videos of Yosemite Region members or of interest to Region members.

OK gang, Porsche has released a video of its 2022 911 GT3 hot lap at Nurbergring-Nordschleife.  Recommendation is to look quickly as the lap lasts less than 7 minutes.  Best viewed at “full screen” and with the volumn up to “10”. 


Every year, Motor Trend has a shoot-out for the “Best Driver’s Car of the Year”.     COVID or not, the 2020 competition was conducted.   While the winner of the “completion” was not available (as of 12/29/20) MT did publish video’s of the Hot Laps, driven by Randy Pobst.   Porsche had three cars in the mix for 2020, a 992 Turbo S, a 718 GT4 and a Cayenne (to see if it could claim the fastest SUV at Laguna.

Here is just a taste:  the hot lap for the 992 Turbo S.   Pretty amazing!

The “other” magazine that does a “Car of the Year” is EVO — OK, its British.   The editors and contributors started with 16 cars, evaluated on track, looking for the top 8 to evaluate in 3 days of driving backroads of Scotland.   The video has an equal mix of car photography and guys talking — right, its a British magazine!.  The final 8 included the 718 Cayman GTS and the 992 Turbo S, with both P-cars rating enormous accolades.  Their competition for the win included some amazing supercars and British favorites.   The video is 30 minutes and seems to drag on and on (…  its a BRITISH magazine !), but the photography of the Scotland is worth the time spent.   Enjoy.