Yosemite Regional Events (Update for 2021)

Our Yosemite Region is planning events that our members have indicated that they enjoy: Social events, “Drives” and overnight “Tours” (essentially Drives over two or more days).

Social events for 2021:  Plans to restart social events in 2Q21.   Being consdiered:  reprise our new member BBQ, our Christmas Dinner, and a surprise or two during the year.

“Drives/Tours” are, well, just that. Organized drives to destinations of interest. Drives/Tours are being planned/considerd for 2021: Yosemite Valley Drive/stay, a “progressive “poker run”, and a 2 day Drive to Monterey and WERKS!

Yosemite Region does not sponsor “speed” events, such as Autocross, Driver’s Educations (e.g. Track Days) or Club Racing. These speed events are sponsored by other Zone 7 regions. See below.

Greater Zone 7 Events

The various regions within Zone 7 also sponsor social events, “drives” and concours. The variety of these events reflect the variety and breath of the geographic region they cover. For compete listings of Zone 7 events, see Zone 7.   These regions also sponsor various “speed events”.

Concours Events

“Concours” events are essentially “car shows”. Members bring their cars to be shown and judged for originality, preparation and condition. They are held so that proud Porsche owners may compete with each other on the best-prepared vehicle in their class. The competition is serious, spirited but always good-natured. This year, Yosemite will not conduct a concours, but there are many opportunities to “concours” your car in the events sponsored by other regions.   Check announcements in the Zone 7 website.

Auto-Cross Events

Autocross events are on courses run on large paved areas (with lots of extra room to avoid damage to vehicles) and
defined by orange pylons (cones). Contestants drive through the course as quickly as possible without knocking over cones. Competition is set between drivers of similar cars, but the main focus is a competition against the clock in an effort to improve one’s own performance.

Drivers’ Education

Drivers’ Education events take place at high-speed tracks such as Laguna Seca or Thunder Hill Race Track. Sponsored by several groups, these events offer our members a chance to improve their high speed driving skills. Qualified instructors ride with car owners to give them one-on-one instruction. Interested? Contact Chuck Pierce through our contacts form.

Club Racing

Club Racing is hard core, door to door competition in specially prepared cars — your street cars would not be allowed as extraordinary safety equipment is mandatory.

Porsche Club of America national events

PCA also sponsors events that are meant to be more “national” in nature.  These include the annual “Porsche Parade” — this year in Indiana,  special drives called “Treffens” and gatherings called WERKS Reunions.   All national events may be found at the Porsche Club of America website calendar.  National events that are close enough to our region and maybe of interest to our members will be highlighted in our Events:PCA-National Events submenu