Your Yosemite Region Board Officers are dedicated volunteers working to enhance your Porsche ownership experience.    Each board member has a club “job” that they use their personal skills to help administer the region’s business.  But they also bring a deep passion for the brand and their own individual ownership experience to the club.
Get to know them at an upcoming Yosemite Region event.
A biographical summary is available for our board officers: just click on the board member’s photo!
To contact any of the YOS Board Officers, use the drop-down menu of the Contact US Page to message any of the board officers.

President:   Brian Sturkie

Vice President:  Dave Boyd

Secretary: Position Open


Treasurer:  Larry Inman

Member at Large:   George Hatfield

Membership:  Gary Loudermilk

Media/El Portal Editor:  Jacki Sturkie

Event Coordinator:  Carrie Stone

Webmaster:  Don Chaisson

SIM Racing : Jeff Rosenthal

Past President:  Chuck Pierce