Zone 7 events:

Zone 7 has an extensive calendar of events, including “tours”,  Concours,  Autocross (AX) and Driver’s Ed (track day) events over each year. Tours are generally hosted by various regions and announcements are made in the Zone 7 website. Concours events are often held at Porsche dealers — we thank them for their support!  Autocross events are held at a variety of venues though some are becoming less welcoming.  Golden Gate Region and Diablo Region host “track day” or Driver’s Education events at Northern California tracks.    Go to the Zone 7 “Calendar” pages, click HERE.


Sacramento Valley Region is planning its signature event: CRAB 2021, for May 21-23 (fingers crossed!)   Registration often fills up quickly, so watch this space for information as published by SVR. 




Zone 7 Concours Events

“Concours” events are essentially “car shows”.  Members bring their cars to be shown and judged for originality, preparation and condition.  Registration, directions/details may be found in the Zone 7 website, click Zone 7 Concours Information.. Calendar details follow:

The 2021 Concours Calendar is mostly finalized.  It begins with a two part “concours school”, the first being a Zoom conference, the second to be a “in person” judging school.   Note that Phase 2 will be offered three times at various venues to better accommodate the event experience.  A Zone 7 Awards Banquet to celebrate the “season” is planned but the date and location have not been set. 



Sponsor Region

Venue and notes

May 16 Zone 7 Judging School Phase 1 Zoom conference call.  Phase 2 to be offered multiple times, see below:
May 23 Zone 7 Judging school Phase 2 Porsche Stevens Creek
June 6 Zone 7 Judging school Phase 2 Porsche Redwood City
June 13 Zone 7 Judging school Phase 2 Hi Tech Automotive, San Rafael
July 18 Monterey Bay Region Carmel Community Park
Aug 28-29 Sierra Nevada Region Rancho Santa Fe Regional Park
Sept 12 Sacramento Valley Region Porsche Rocklin
Sept 26 Redwood Region TBD
Oct 17 Diablo Region Porsche of Livermore
Oct 24 Golden Gate Region Porsche Redwood City
Nov 7 Loma Prieta Region Porsche Stevens Creek

Zone 7 autocross events

Zone 7 supports the “Zone 7 Autocross Series” that includes designated events conducted by member regions. See Zone 7 Series.  The listing below includes published autocross events conducted by member regions including the ones specified as Zone 7 Series events.  This listing will be updated as the events are published.




Region/Zone 7 event?

Venue and notes

May 15 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
May 23 SVR Autocross School Classroom Session Location to be determined Register HERE
May 29 SVR AutoX Driving School Thunderhill Raceway Park Register HERE
May 30 SVR AutoX #2 Thunderhill Raceway Park  Register HERE
Jun 12/13 GGR and LPR Autocross  Zone 7 event Cow Palance (Tentative)
Jun 19 SVR AutoX #3 Thunderhill Raceway Park  Register HERE
July 10 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
July 17 SVR AutoX #4 Thunderhill Raceway Park  Register HERE
Aug 8 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
Aug 21 SVR AutoX #5 Thunderhill Raceway Park Register HERE
Sept 11 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
Sept 18 SVR AutoX #6 Thunderhill Raceway Park  Register HERE
Oct 3 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
Oct 16-17 SVR AutoX #7 (co-hosted by Redwood Region), Zone 7 event Thunderhill Raceway Park  Register HERE
Nov 6 GGR Autocross Cow Palance (Tentative)
Nov 20 GGR Autocross, Zone 7 event Crows Landing(Tentative)

Driver Education/Track Day Events for 2020


,  The “Track Day” regions (Golden Gate Region and Diablo Region) offer a number of opportunities to explore your car — AT SPEED. While most events are “Driver’s Ed” and welcome drivers of all experience levels, some of the events are joint DE and Club Races and may limit admissions to Club Racers, instructors or advanced drivers only. Still, a lot to choose from ! To Register, visit for GGR and Diablo events.  




Weekend 5/7 Diablo Thunderhill 3 mile,  register at
Weekend 5/22-23 GGR confirmed Buttonwillow: DE and Club Race  Register Here
Weekend 7/3-4 GGR confimred Sonoma Raceway: DE and Club Race. Register Here
Weekend 9/25-26 GGR confimred Thunder Hill Raceway: DE and Club Race. Register Here 
Weekend 9/24 Diablo Thunderhill 3 mile, register at
Weekend 10/9-10 GGR confimred Sonoma Raceway. Only Club Race.
Weekend 11-19-22 Diablo Laguna Seca, Weather Tech Raceway register at