Friday October 9th

The trip started at Starbuck’s in Tracy with the “usual” coordination and safety briefing by Jim and Lisa. We headed off to the curves of Corral Hollow and Tesla Roads into Livermore and making a “social” call on Livermore Porsche.

So, we headed down Hwy 580 towards 92. Jim’s scanners detected a traffic snarl so, we diverted to 680 and Niles Canyon Drive — I haven’t been on that road for years! As we navigated back to Hwy 92, we hit “normal” traffic in Fremont, etc. reminding why we moved out of the Bay Area (Augh!). Once back on Hwy 92, we ran up to Skyline Drive (Boulevard), enjoying the beautiful vistas with the sea on one side and the Silicon Valley on the other — and some very smooth, brisk pace!

The next stop was lunch at the (in)famous Alice’s Restaurant. I hadn’t been “there” for many years, but there were some that had never enjoyed Alice’s Restaurant, which was obvious when they asked, what’s on the menu here. Its like Arlo Guthrie sang, ” … You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant” — or was that for something else back in the 60’s? Click here to relive those times!

The hamburgers were great, and the organization for the times was appropriate. Back behind the restaurant had all sorts of picnic tables, suitability socially distant from each other. You had to love it!.

As Jim promised, the ride was an exhilarating driving experience through redwood forests and beautiful vistas via twisty roads into Santa Cruz. Crossing over Hwy 1, we, again, were reminded why we moved out of the Bay Area… two lanes of stop (mostly stopped) and go traffic, trying to get to Watsonville, Castroville and maybe Monterey. AUGH!


Safely arriving at Chaminade Resort, we checked into our rooms (very clean and modern), rested up and got ready for our dinner at the Resort. Some of the group relaxed on the deck with dramatic views of Santa Cruz, the ocean, .. Ah…

Dinner was outstanding and provided time to reconnect with fellow “trippers”. The staff at Chaminade did a respectful job of organizing the tables for “social distancing” but arranged to keep the group “together”. The wait-staff were polite and, God bless ’em, keep our wine glasses topped up!


Saturday October 10th

Saturday morning started with time for breakfast, then staging for the Yosemite Region tradition (thank you Chuck!): the group photo! The resort staff and other visitors were patient with us and many of other visitors were taking pictures of the group!!

So, off we went — this time with the ladies driving. The route was an interesting array of roads, some broad sweeping corners, some down to single lane!

Then, up Hecker Pass Road to Mt. Madonna, were we took over a picnic area, armed with the great “box” lunches provides by Chaminade. Again, great time to enjoy the open and smoke free air!

Back down Hecker Pass Road (I remember doing this on a bike!), through the fields of Watsonville and into coastal areas, including La Silva Beach, Seascape and Seacliff, finally, back to Chaminade.

The evening was “free” and folks organized themselves for dinner at the resort and Santa Cruz restaurants. My wife, Diane, was hungry for “fish” so we ended up at the Crow’s Nest — good choice!

Sunday October 11th

Sunday was departure day, with no drives scheduled. Some stayed on for another night at the resort, some headed home with fond memories of a GREAT trip.