Story and Photos by D. Chaisson

Apparently, Yosemite Region has some contacts with Oakdale Golf and CC. So when OGCC started planning their “Hot August Nights” party and Car Show, they contacted Larry Inman and Dave Boyd about having a few Porsches come and join the fun, They even spiced up the offer by offering 15 “spots” on the fairway. So, did some body say “party?”, we’re there! The event got publicized, Eventbright’ed and subscribed.. even with a wait list!
We lined up all In a row, Dave’s 914, next ,mid engined cars, then 911’s from early air-cooled to 991 models, earliest to most recent. And a (tasteful) assortment of colors. For sure, Yosemite Region got its share of admiring eyes, especially the “young” eyes.

Brian and Dave show off our new event “banners” which have a definite marketing flair.


There all sorts of makes and models on the Lawn. There were Chevy’s from the 1950’s, there were late model and very decked out SUV’s and trucks. There were a number of Corvettes, including three C8’s, which continue to impress — except for the “cockpit” — IMO! Being a former Mustang owner (1965 and 1985 GT) I still like to look at the new models. And there were a few “fine” examples, including an original Shelby flaked by two brand new Shelby 350’s . The white with green stripes (above) was the baddest of them all… totally set up for tracking (just back from Laguna Seca).

This was a pretty big, local event, and it was fun to be a part of it.   The “price of admission” included dinner — generous buffet by any stretch!, and for the Yosemite crowd, a “swag” bag with towels to clean your car and a very nice YOS logo’ed key chain.

It was fun to roam about the “display lawn” to see all sorts of automotive enthusiasts, each with their own favorite make and model. Our Porsches fit nicely with the assemblage of cars because of our owner’s passion to “our” brand. It was fun to talk to various other enthusiasts and get their take.

Who knows, come next August, we might do this again!!