If you have been watching PCA’s Tech Tactics “videos” thoughtout the last (COVID) year, you know how popular they are.   Yosemite members even highlighted “Garage” or “Technical” events in our recent Member Survey as something that would be of great interest.  So, the region is starting a “Tech Talk” series and this “talk” about building up a 914 Racer is the first in the series.


Dave Boyd, the region’s VP, hosted the event at his home garage, providing refreshments: coffee and donuts — everybody’s fuel for bench racing and wrench twisting! Dave kicked things off with an overview of his 914’s history, the extent of the build, updating suspension components, etc. He showed off some sample parts, then everyone moved outside to check out all of the removable 914 body panels and the engine which were staged in front of his garage.

Then guest Ricky Freeman, of RF Racing, discussed frame-straightening and roll cage construction. Frank Zucchi, of Frank Zucchi Restoration, talked about sheet metal restoration and how newer generations of cars and repairs are moving away from welding and into glues and adhesives. That’s not a good thing for restorers in the future. Frank is well into the restoration community and is currently preparing a Maserati Mistral for Pebble Beach.

Of course, no Yosemite event would be complete without a photo of all (our) cars in attendance !

So, sit back and enjoy some sights of our “first” Tech Talk.  Just click on the advance carrots in the photos!