Article by: D. Chaisson, Photos by: D. Chaisson, B. Sturkie, Eminence staff
Our Tech Talk #2 was a combination of a “Cars N’ Coffee” and a Tech Talk all “wrapped up” in one event!


Garrett Mercier (far right above), owner of Eminence Wrap Shop hosted the region to a talk about the technology and science and art of “wrapping” a car instead of “paining” a car.  Garrett has the capacity to “print” any array of graphics on the “vinyl” — as you might have seen many race car’s “livery”.   In fact, Migliore Motorsports uses Eminence for the cars that Nico builds/services.

The “cars n’ coffee” part of the event was organized by Yosemite Region —  having “Grinding Grounds” on site to provide (your first) coffee and danish — on Yosemite Region. A nice touch for a Saturday morning!!




There were more than a dozen Members who made the trip into Stockton for the event, some from “around the corner” to others from further away (OK, that was Chaisson from Angels Camp!).   We had a chance to gather, chat, catch up with the “news of the day” — the usual part of a “Cars N’ Coffee”.


But there was the “technical” part of the Tech Talk.








Garrett set up a demonstration in the shop on the actual application process of a “wrap”, using a sample sheet of material and a “donor” Honda. Don’t worry, a benefit of applying a “wrap” instead of paint is that the “wrap” is easily removable, with the right technics. Of course, otherwise it “stays” on the car through wind, rain, sun, etc!.

Garrett demonstrated how the flexibility of the material allowed coverage over the various contours of a car.   To get the film to lay down correctly, he used stretching, pressing out air bubbles, and even “heat” to coax the film onto the surfaces.  But mostly, he used a lot of technical experience and patience to get it right.    Garrett had two cars to demonstrate the “finished product”  one Mustang with a complete “color wrap” (the one on the left) and another Mustang with a full “graphics wrap”.

Also on hand was Garrett’s colleague, Alex Pantoja (far left in the top photo), of A.P.Details which works out of the same shop, to discuss “professional detailing”.   He outlined the process of preparing a car for ceramic coating, starting with “scratch” removal, and how to really “wash” a car.   As Yosemite Board Member-at-large put it, “… I’ll never be able to wash my car again without feeling sorry for it!”.   Alex did a quick demo of adding ceramic coating on Garrett’s demonstration and how well it repel’s water.  Amazing!    To keep the process simple, Alex uses a three level assessment for the work, Stage 1 for finishes that are essentially “new”; up to Stage 3 for finishes that need scratch removal.  If the finish has major pitting/rock damage, he would have to call in an expert before starting his work.   

Many thanks to Garrett and Alex for their generous hosting of Yosemite Region, for their time, expertise and openness to all our questions.   Their commitment to quality and the “technology” of their particular areas was totally in evidence.   

To contact them for more information:  

Garrett Mercier   Phone: 209-405-9754   

 Alex Pantoja        Phone: 209-815-3813