Last month’s “In the Zone” report by Colin Fat,  our Zone 7 Representative, highlighted membership changes in the last year, e.g. Dec 2019 to Dec 2020. During this period, Colin noted that Zone 7 membership declined approximately 1% compared to 2019, with the Bay Area regions experiencing the most significant declines year over year. But several of the smaller regions saw significant increases in membership with Sierra Nevada Region showing 6.45% growth and Yosemite posting 5.7% growth.
All this spurred some thought by yosadmin (aka Don Chaisson who is solely responsible for this musing!)

OK, so the larger regions in Zone 7, Golden Gate, Diablo and Sacramento had -1.8%, – 3.2% and (a mere) +0.6%, respectively,  in the last year.  While, as noted above, Sierra Nevada (@ 300 or so members) and Yosemite (@160 or so members) grew considerably.

So, how come??

Perhaps our location was a refuge for people fleeing COVID congestion?   But that didn’t help Shasta region, the smallest in the Zone, or Redwood Region.

So, how come? 

I remember a time in our Yosemite Region (I’ve been a member since 2008) when membership was pretty stagnant.   When serving as “Membership Chair”, I reported for a years in a row flatline growth, bouncing from about 105 to 115 members for multiple years.   Things were bleak back then.   Fast forward to May 2021, Collin complemented us on our region’s grow!

So, I gathered membership information from, essentially, a “decade” and plotted the monthly membership numbers vs time.  Here is what I found out: Yosemite Region membership started to “grow”, give or take, mid-decade or 2015.    AND, our region kept on GROWING!

Just look at the “plot”.

So, how come?

In Colin’s remarks about membership growth, he congradulated our region’s “leadership” for this 2019 to 2020 growth., and to be sure, Brian has done a good job of “leading” the region.  But, after looking at the “Decade of Growth”, I overlayed our Region’s Leadership events and discovered that our growth coincided with a leadership change, namely when our past-president, Chuck Pierce started getting active in the club.   And that our growth CONTINUED with the next leadership event, namely when Brian Sturkie became president.   So, Chuck started the growth back in 2015 and Brian kept it going!

I did a lot of data analysis/trending over the years and I can tell you that this performance over two “administratons” was not just “chance”.   The trend is “real”.

Now comes my “extrapolation” to “how come?”

Both presidents brought energy, innovation and passion for participation with the Porsche Club of America!    As a chemist, I look at their efforts not as “leadership”, but as CATALYST for growth.   What that means is that “we members” are an active, not passive part of this growth reaction.   So, while Chuck and Brian innovate ideas/events, it takes us members to jump on the band wagon, show up and enjoy events.   Word gets around.   More people join.

For sure,  this growth didn’t happen by chance and we have to give credit where credit is due..  So,

  THANK YOU, Chuck, for kicking this off,

THANK YOU, Brian, for keeping the throttle wide open, and

THANK YOU, Yosemite Region members, for helping to fuel the growth “reaction”.  


That’s the secret sauce and the answer to “How come?”