Some regions go on and on about their “Car’s and Coffee”. Yosemite Region was not to be outdone by those regions (or to Jerry Seinfield’s “Comedians in cars getting coffee”), so our first event for the 2020 year was “Porsche & Pints”, and it went VERY well!
Turnout was encouraging, especially for January, with 32 (or 34 — we lost count) members and almost 20 Porsches in the lot.

Everyone arrived right around 11 AM and gathered at two tables and ordered their beers and lunches at the same time.  New member John Dedonatis and his wife joined us in his black 1983 911 SC cabriolet (she drives a 2014 Cayman!) for their first Region event and had a great time.  There was a lot of interest in both the Yosemite Drive in April and our 2020 calendar.   Chuck was on hand to answer Parade questions. Another highlight of the day was getting to visit with Kris and Julien Kirkbride, wife and daughter of our VP in 2018, Larry Kirkbride  (RIP). We got a lot of positive feedback about the location from those who live south of Modesto and there was interest in repeating this in the summer when the weather is better and the patio is open.

Dust Bowl did a masterful job of accommodating us. Our server Amy Rose was certainly up to the task and kept everyone’s food and drink tab separate while providing flawless service. After lunch, John Greenburg, his wife and I stayed around for the free brewery tour and tasting. The facilities are amazing and although the brewery is relatively new it seems like they’ve already outgrown it. For those of you who missed it, we will definitely do a Porsches and Pints again. Another Valley brewery, Blaker, is opening a brewroom down near Castle AFB so we might try that one next time. But, Dust Bowl will be hard to beat.