Our “First” Tailgate Breakfast was held on March 6th at Smokey’s Neighborhood Grill in Modesto.  This is the Yosemite version of “cars and coffee” as it is just a “meet up” for morning breakfast fare — nothing formal!

Of course, a “first of” event often has some challenges, and this one was no different.   The first challenge was the weather.  The forecast had a band of showers moving in Friday night and possibly stretching into the morning — not good!   But Yosemite Region has a bit of “Camelot” luck now and then as the showers came in during the dark of night and gave way to bright sunshine for the morning!   aThe second challenge was that California is still under various COVID restrictions, so (this) Cars and Coffee had to be a meet in the parking lot and “tailgate”.     Again, no problem.   Smokeys took our orders and we were able to bring our delights into the parking lot.  

And speaking of the “parking lot”, our array of Porsches were a wonderful display, including all manner of 911’s, a few Caymans, Cayennes and a Panomera.    Want to see them?




Thanks to everyone who came.   The plan is to have such “Breakfast” meet-ups periodically throughout the year, so make sure you watch out calendar sections for the next gathering.